5-in-1 Multi-Use Steam Mop
Lightweight. Fast. Powerful. Completely Chemical Free!

Lift dirt and stains from sealed hardwood, tiles, rugs and carpets in one pass

H2O HD™ 5-in-1 Steam Mop Features:

  • 1500 Watts of Steam Cleaning Power
  • Kills 99% of germs, bacteria & viruses*
  • Kids & Pet Friendly- Chemical Free Cleaning.
  • 17 Attachments to handle most cleaning needs
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE 1-Year Warranty
  • FREE Shipping & Handling

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Full Price of $199.80 + Taxes

Clean & Sanitize with Steam

Kills 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses*

Controlled lab tests have shown that when applied for 15 seconds, H2O steam products can kill 99% of common bacteria and viruses. Efficacy varies according to treatment time and surface treated.

Works on most Floors & Surfaces**

floor steam mop

**Not suitable on unsealed wood or unsealed laminate. 
Always test on an inconspicuous area on lowest steam setting before steam cleaning a larger area.

5-in-1 Multi-Use Steam Cleaner
5-in-1 Steam Cleaner with Digitally Controlled Variable Steam


For a streak-free beautiful shine on floors! Get great results on marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, sealed laminate and sealed hardwood.


The quick release unit detaches from the mop at the touch of a button, helps you clean tiny and hard to reach places effectively.


Spotless, streak-free cleaning for all glass surfaces


The innovative Carpet Glider brings carpets and rugs back to life. Helps to remove pet odors and stains from carpet.


Say goodbye to ironing! Wrinkles fall out, creases easily melt away. Also helps to remove odors and stains from garments & upholstery


Triangle Head

Extra large angled head allows for agile cleaning in and around hard to reach places

One Touch Variable Steam

Low, medium and high steam settings for all types of cleaning.

Works on Floors

Get great results on marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, sealed laminate and sealed hardwood

Large Water Tank

Detachable water tanks holds up to 450 ml of for more cleaning time.

Foldable Handle

Lightweight at under 6.5 lbs without attachments. Handle easily folds for easier carrying and storage

Handheld Steamer

The quick release hand-held unit detaches from the mop at the touch of a button so you can steam clean tough to reach areas

Technical Specification
  • 1500 watts of steam cleaning power
  • 6m power cord.
  • Removable 450 ml (15.2 oz) water tank
  • Heats up with in 25 seconds.
  • One touch variable steam control
  • Weight approx. 2.92kg / 6.5 lbs without any attachments.
  • 1 year guarantee & 30 day money back.

What's In The Box?

H20 HD Steam Unit. With one click detaches to handled plus below attachments

1 x Water Filter 
1 x Limescale Cleaning Pin 
1 x Glider 
2 x MF Cloth Pad (White)
1 x Jet Nozzle 
1 x Round Brass Brush - BLACK 
1 x Round Nylon Brush - RED 
1 x Extension Hose (85 cm) 
1 x Window Cleaning Tool with Squeegee 
1 x Coral Cloth for Window Cleaning Tool 
1 x Microfiber Cloth for Garment Steamer 
1 x Tri-Plus Cloth 
1 x Blue Coral Cloth for mop head 
3 x Round Nylon Brush (BLACK,BLUE,GREEN)

H2O HD Mop Plus 17 Attachments

Attachments to tackle most of your cleaning needs.

People are LOVING H2O HD™
Over 12 million H2O Series Steam Cleaners Sold Wordwide†
Get the Ultimate 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner!
Lightweight. Fast. Powerful.
Completely Chemical Free!
4 Payments Of
Full Price Before Taxes: $199.80
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
FREE 1-Year Warranty
FREE Shipping & Handling